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Seven first-rate pieces for small ensembles received superb performances on Saturday, June 3 as part of the Local 4 Music Fund’s She Scores series, which spanned three programs over three days in Drinko Hall at Cleveland State University......


by Kevin McLaughlin


Composers Guild & Cleveland Chamber Choir join forces 

When the Cleveland Composers Guild added the requirement of writing a vocal piece to its collegiate composition contest in 2019 and generated only a single entry — impressive as that piece was — the idea was born for dedicating an entire.....


by Daniel Hathaway

In recent seasons, Chicago a cappella has distinguished itself among Chicago’s saturated landscape of venerable vocal ensembles by playing toward myriad tastes, expanding its repertoire of motets and madrigals to include cabaret and pop numbers.....

by Landon Hegedus

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Chicago a cappella makes a convincing return to classical rep in “From Behind Closed Doors”


Composers Guild joins Cleveland Chamber Choir for Joint Concert

On Sunday, April 4 at 4 pm in Drinko Hall at Cleveland State University, Cleveland Composers Guild will join  Cleveland Chamber Choir for a program that combines new works by Northeast Ohio choral composers with masterworks.....

by Daniel Hathaway

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2023 LunArt Festival

"Art and Heritage" discussion panelists at the 2023 LunART Festival (from left): Dorothy Chang, Rachel Werner, June Millington.

HerVoice - Emerging Women Composers Competition

CHICAGO — Chicago a cappella is pleased to announce the winners of the ensemble’s 2022 “HerVoice” competition and mentorship program for emerging women composers.  In its second year, the project received 59 submissions from composers on four continents....

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5. The face of war.jpg
Distortion of reality in painting interpreted musically in String Quartet “Dali Miniatures” by Inna G. Onofrei

Due to changes in the modern technology of creating a drawing, many artists now are experimenting with multidimensional images. Aram Vardazaryan an Armenian artist, graphic designer and experimenter, tried to connect different paintings by Salvador Dali, which depicted the silhouettes of moving elephants in one piece.....


by Anna Verina

Cleveland Heights Piano Instructor Publishes Children’s Book Lola’s Adventures

Inna G. Onofrei is an Armenian-American composer and pianist and has been teaching piano at Musicologie Cleveland Heights for over ten years. Ms. Onofrei recently published “Lola’s Adventures,” a piano album for the young....

by Marisa Martin

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