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Lola's Adventures

Children's Piano Album

As a teacher, I constantly look for fun musical compositions to help improve my students’ technical and musical skills. When asked by my students to learn music about cats and dogs, I realized there were not many options available. 


It was when my little dog - Lola and I were walking in the park, a melody suddenly played in my head.  Immediately when I returned home, I sat down to my piano and started composing what is now the opening piece, “In the Park”, which reflects Lola’s movements and antics while walking in the park. It was then, that I started watching both of my pets, Lola and Tishka, in a different way, a more musical way.  From their very innocent and witty antics, came the music.  With that music, came the culmination of this book. I cannot thank them enough for choosing me to be their fur mom but also inspiring me to create this piece of art.  


This book is designed to improve, develop and challenge the creative landscape for students studying piano. But, it is also to share the fun and lovable antics of my fur babies, Lola and Tishka. This project has been a labor of love for me to create, and I wish you joy in playing and reading.  


As a composer, I define life through the lens of music that can translate to all ages. Understand, life is full of inspiration to use on a harmonious canvas, what it creates will teach us while telling a story.  


Cheryl Williams (author) and Maisy Byerly (artist) helped me to make this project a reality. Cheryl’s gift of writing created the fun, lovable worlds of Lola and Tishka in ways I could never have imagined!  Maisy’s imaginative skill brought a new dimension of creative imagery that was the last piece to this magical puzzle. 

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P.S. As a tribute to both Lola and Tishka, 100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to local animal shelters in hopes to give them a chance to find their forever homes.  I hope families can find their own versions of Lola and Tishka and find the joy that I had with my two. 

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